CA TX NY Vol. 1, by Elliot, Rose, da Costa

FR-081 (12/21/12) / Digital Download



  1. Time Got Away (Elliott)
  2. Note (da Costa)
  3. King's Flashlight (Rose)
  4. Spent (da Costa)
  5. Concerning The Lincoln and Douglas Debates or Love Found Lost (Elliott)
  6. Your Neighbor's Trampoline (Rose)

Vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar, hand claps, and autoharp by John Elliott
Vocals, acoustic guitar by Raina Rose
Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, baritone guitar, tiple, hand claps by Anthony da Costa
Bass by Andrew Pressman
Drums & percussion by Griffin Goldsmith
Electric guitar, tiple by Blake Mills
Electric guitar, tiple by Tony Berg
Electric guitar by Shawn Everett
Engineered by Leonel & the cat at Berkeley Street Studios (Los Angeles, CA)
Additional engineering by Shawn Everett at Zeitgeist Studios (Los Angeles, CA)
Mixed by Shawn Everett and Tony Berg at Zeitgeist Studios
Artwork and Design by Kristine Thune