Take the Bite, by Casey Shea

FR-010 (06/14/06 | re-release 10.29/08) / Digital Download

"The 10 songs on Take The Bite satisfy the soul of anyone trying to make it in the modern world along with their overwhelmed ears...he deserves enormous praise." -Beyond Race Magazine

Liner Notes: Recorded and mixed in his apartment in the Winter and Spring of 2006, Take The Bite began as a collection of 20 demos.  Urged by friends to release an album, Shea narrowed the tracks down to ten, tinkered a bit more with his 4 track, and did just that.  Casey's "sublime combination of wry, insightful lyrics and simply perfect songcraft" (CMJ) is showcased on these broken down arrangements.  The songs are stripped to their bones and serve as proof that the best of songs can stand alone as a voice and a guitar.  "Through a series of catchy and complex songs, Shea manages to show both the beauty of everyday life as well as its sad truths making the former seem more stunning and the latter, less painful." (Rebel Spirit Music)

Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Written by Casey Shea
All instruments by Casey Shea
Mastered by Teddy Jack