About Family Records

Family Records is a small but tenacious music company based in Brooklyn, run by artists infected with the moon-headed notion that songs can improve the world. In our eight years of existence, we've pivoted from a single band record label, to an full-fledged global record label and artist management firm, and most recently a music placement service with an extensive catalog of music. Our clients include Apple, ABC, Ericson, Honda, Verizon, CBS, and many more.

We have consistently focused on creating vibrant and emotive music, the kind that changes the people who hear it. We approach business in a way that empowers artists, galvanizes fans, and helps clients tell their story best.

Our current focus is the existing Family catalog. We are not accepting new music submissions. We are not currently hiring staff. There are no internship possibilities. All releases that are out of print will not be reprinted.

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If you are a brand, agency or company seeking for music to license, please get in touch. We are crazy fast on the ol' email.

Please Note: We are NOT accepting any new music submissions or demos. All that are sent will be deleted.

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