Cross-Pollination, The Mixtape Vol. 2

FR-026 (05/06/09) / Free Digital Download / No Longer Available


  1. The Warbles - Optometrist Song
  2. Takka Takka - Silence (Son Lux Remix)
  3. Alias Pail - Yo Sis!
  4. Dinosaur Feathers - Know Your Own Strength
  5. Dawn Landes ft. Project - I Hear Sounds
  6. Jukebox The Ghost - Hold It In (Andrew Maury Remix)
  7. Casey Shea - Oh Me, Oh My
  8. Jaymay -
  9. Lacrymosa - Weltschmerz (Smitten Song)
  10. Twi The Humble Feather - Flight, Flight, Flight
  11. Pearl and the Beard - Oh, Death!
  12. Julianna Barwick - Three Sisters
  13. Jay Mankind - Good Man

Liner Notes
Released to celebrate 5 years of Cross-Pollination, the weekly concert series at Pianos in the Lower East Side of New York. This mixtape consists of previously unreleased recordings by some of our favorite former Cross-Pollinators. Catch the anniversary show, and 237th installment, May 12th featuring Dinosaur Feathers and The Bloodsugars at Pianos.

Compilation Produced by Wesley Verhoeve.
1. Produced by Rebeca Arango & Ian Miller.
2. Produced by Takka Takka. Remixed by Son Lux.
3. Produced by Alias Pail.
4. Produced by Wesley Verhoeve & Greg Sullo.
5. Produced by Dawn Landes and Project.
6. Produced by Ted Comerford. Remixed by Andrew Maury.
7. Produced by Casey Shea.
8. Produced by Jaymay.
9. Produced by Lacrymosa.
10. Produced by Twi The Humble Feathers.
11. Produced by Wesley Verhoeve & Pearl and the Beard.
12. Produced by Julianna Barwick.
Cover Design by Arianna Stolt.