Extended Family Mixtape - SXSW 2012

FR-066 (02/22/12) /  Limited Edition Free Digital Download / No Longer Available

In an exciting first for Family Records, this year in the lead up to SXSW we wanted to put together a mixtape of some of the acts we're most excited to see at SXSW 2012. Our own acts are not included because you already know we think they're swell. Instead we wanted this to serve as a shout out to some other greats bands and artists making exciting music and getting us ready for the festival this year.

Here are 13 hand picked great bands and songs for your listening and downloading pleasure. Next step: go check them out in Austin!


  1. Big Scary - Thinking About You ("Four Seasons" out now + free mixtape)
  2. Dry The River - Weights & Measures ("Shallow Bed" out March 5th)
  3. I Am Oak - Gills ("Oasem" out now)
  4. Little Hurricane - Haunted Heart (Debut LP out May 1st)
  5. Matt Corby - Brother ("Into The Flame" EP out now)
  6. Savoir Adore - Dreamers ("Dreamers" 7" out now)
  7. Zulu Winter - Let's Move Back To Front (Debut single out now)
  8. Lightyear - Home ("All Of The Miles" EP out now)
  9. Voltaire Twins - Animalia ("Romulus" EP out now)
  10. We Are Augustines - Headlong Into The Abyss ("Rise Ye Sunken Ships" out now)
  11. Miracles of Modern Science - Mom's Away! (look out for their album "Dog Year" this Fall)
  12. Ambassadors - Unconsolable ("Litost" LP out now)
  13. Now Now - Dead Oaks ("Threads" out Spring 2012 courtesy of Trans Records)