Gabriel Kahane

FR-011 (09/16/08) / LP (Digital & Physical) / Out-of-Print

Recorded primarily in March and April of 2008 in Seattle, Hoboken, and two Boroughs of New York City, the album is a testament to Gabriel's catholic musical pursuits. With twenty musicians supporting him, Mr. Kahane's debut offers snippets of string quartets juxtaposed with strummy strum folk song, brass chorales right beside jangly piano pop, and yet, he would argue, it's very much of a piece, an album meant to be heard as a whole. Special guests include Chris Thile, Sufjan Stevens and others.

  1. Durrants
  2. Interlude
  3. North Adams
  4. Rochester
  5. Slow Down
  6. Fughetta
  7. Sidestreets
  8. Underberg
  9. Middagh
  10. Wie Soll Ich
  11. The Failthful
  12. Arnold Corrects The Papers
  13. Twice In The Night
  14. Villanelles
  15. Keene