Hope/Change, by Casey Shea & Lacrymosa

FR-017 (01/15/09) / Free Digital Download

In commemoration and celebration of the inauguration of President Barack Obama Family Records releases a special double-sided single of songs written especially for this historic event. Lacrymosa wrote an inspiring song on the topic of Hope and Casey Shea sings jubilantly about Change.


Track 1 Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Caitlin Pasko. Additional Production by Wesley Verhoeve
Track 2 Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Casey Shea, Gilber Gilmore & Andy Baldwin.
Executive Production & Cover Design by Wesley Verhoeve

Lacrymosa/Casey Shea - Hope/Change

  1. Lacrymosa - We Breathe, We Hope
  2. Casey Shea - The World Is Waking Up!

Liner Notes: Lacrymosa on 'We Breathe, We Hope': "I became sort-of obsessed with Sylvia Plath over winter break after reading The Bell Jar. I read it for the first time about four years ago and I appreciate it a lot more now that I'm twenty. "I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am." To me, that quote perfectly represents "hope," a word I had been thinking a lot about, trying to define, and I imagined that that must be the way a great number of people were feeling on Election Day, making the "I am" almost audible."
Casey Shea on 'The World Is Waking Up!': "Music used to be an escape for troubling times....I think we're re-entering one of those eras where everything changes. I wrote this song early in the morning with my good friend and bass player Wes Hutchinson.  We were trying to wake up, and sadly coffee was not doing the trick.  We started playing some random blues stuff and the song just kind of popped out.  It's not something you need to think about you know; it's just a feel good sort of thing....and I think the message is very fitting for right now.  Well, I hope!"