Jeff Jacobson

FR-003 (4/20/07) / Physical CD (Sold Out) / Digital Download / No Longer Available

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Benjy King
All songs written by Jeff Jacobson
Mastered by Scott Hull
Design by Wesley Verhoeve
Photography by Beatrice Evangelista
Personnel: Jeff Jacobson - vocals, classical/acoustic guitars, Benjy King - keyboards, bass, multi-instruments, Joel Hoekstra - electric guitars, Eran Asias - drums

Liner Notes: Jeff Jacobson's goal for his self-titled first album was to create a collection of songs listeners would want to hear from beginning to end, the way people used to listen to vinyl albums. Jacobson worked throughout 2007 with producer Benjy King to create full band arrangements for songs that up until that time Jeff had only played solo. The ten songs evoke cityscapes and the smaller stories within them that reflect Jacobson's own experiences in the years leading up to the making of the album. And although the songs deal with themes such as isolation and self-doubt, the overall tone is ever hopeful - as if to say "everything's going to be okay.
"The album ends, and it's good that most CD players have a repeat function so you can go right back to the beginning." - Boog City "Poignant, polished, well-executed pop songs full of memorable hooks and exquisite guitar lines." - Urban Folk