Selah, by Lacrymosa

FR-040 (09/05/2010) / Physical CD & Digital Download


produced by caitlin pasko
engineered by (and piano) by alan gordon
all songs and arrangements by caitlin pasko
brass, percussion and vocals by dan knobbier
piano by mike presta
mixed by richard rusincovitch
mastered by alan silverman
cover art by jonathan o'brien
brass by kelly pratt
creaks and door slams by the ghost of calvary st. george's church
guitar by rebeca arango
percussion by colin reynolds
strings by charisa dowe (violin), katy leong cheng ho (viola), grace kwon (cello), amanda lo (violin)

Artist Statement: to gomom, grammy, mom and dad, and jackie. i couldn't be more grateful or feel any more loved! // to the clive davis department of recorded music for four years of awesome: nick, jim, jason, lauren, errol, bob, jeff, noah, michael, brianne, cyrille, xgau, and the class of 2010! // to dan knobler and alan gordon for working so hard and for putting so much time into this record. it only exists because of you. // to colin. this album is just as much you as it is me. // to kelsie. we maybe see each other twice a year, but you are still my very best friend. // and to wes for believing in me with everything you've got!