"Conversation", by Matt Singer

FR-077 (06/26/12) / Poster + Digital Download



  1. Download of "Conversation" single.
  2. Exclusive acoustic download of "Rolling Over" (not available anywhere else).
  3. Exclusive acoustic download of "Somebody Else" (not available anywhere else).

Produced, engineered and mixed by Andy Baldwin at Rola Pola Studios
Executive produced by Matt Singer and Wesley Verhoeve
Written by Matt Singer and Vanessa Reseland
Vocals by Kate Smith
Upright bass by Dan Jeselsohn
Electric guitar by Patrick Hay
Drums by Taylor Floreth
Piano and Glockenspiel by Rob Kovacs
Percussion by Sam Merrick (Percussion)
Artwork by Jonathan Schoeck.

Artist Statement: I began writing "Conversation" as a kind of love letter, in which a boy is working up the courage to reach out to a girl he likes. At some point I realized that I had written a beginning and an end but I was missing the middle. When it occurred to me that the girl should have her own story, I immediately wanted someone else to write it. I had always romanticized co-writing a song (especially a boy-girl duet) but felt incredibly possessive of my material and knew that sharing it would not be easy. What if she came up with something I did not like? I couldn't imagine rejecting a person's ideas. Just like the boy in the song, I took a risk and called Vanessa Reseland to co-write and she came up with the song's 2nd verse. I loved it. Phew. PS - I am in the middle of a bunch of co-writing projects right now. I think the process of writing "Conversation" got me started.