The Drought (EP), by Matt Singer

FR-009 (08/26/08) / Physical CD & Digital Download


Liner Notes: The Drought is part break-up, part work-it-out.  On this EP, Matt Singer tells six distinctive stories, reflecting the inner-mind of a boy who suffers from love lost but celebrates love gained, who feels a real connection to all humanity but rejoices in being alone, who usually doesn't take himself too seriously but sometimes does.  The Poet, essentially the title track of the album, is proof of this complexity. While the song is a statement of feeling perpetually misunderstood, Singer leaves the listener with the sense that he is incredibly grateful that someone would try to understand him.Everything We Do and Bird Song, the sweeter of the album's tracks tell respectively of the trials of passion and the necessity to accept the end of things, while We Are Not Small serves as wake-up call to the masses about brother- (and sister-) hood.  Juxtapose these with the light-hearted, naughty and occasionally self-mocking Stacy Jand Dynamic Public Speaker and it's easy to understand why The Deli described The Drought as "eclectic material that ranges from weepy to silly to sincere."  Yes, this is one complex package.

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Big Dan Jeselsohn at Jackson Sound Lab
Executive Produced by Matt Singer & Wesley Verhoeve
All Songs Written by Matt Singer
Upright Bass, Synth Bass, and Jaw Harp by Dan Jeselsohn
Drums by Taylor Floreth
Keyboard by Steve Waitt
Electric Guitar by Patrick Hay
Mandolin by Jay Mankind