"Good at Heart", by Lacrymosa

FR-057 / One Track Mind Series - Vol. 1

The One Track Mind Series is a five part  series of singles full of delectable indie pop. This remix of Lacrymosa's "Good At Heart" by the brilliant Andrew Maury of RAC Remix Collective starts us off with Volume 1.

Listen to the original "Good At Heart" on Lacrymosa's beautiful album "Selah".


Produced by Andrew Maury of RAC
Artwork by Claudeland Louis and Kristine Thune.

Artist Statement "I love dance songs and I’ve always wanted to write one. I only play the piano, and I prefer writing classical piano music, so none of what I've written so far has crossed over to a danceable category. I don't end up finishing happy little ditties because I usually concentrate on the darker songs that tend to move me more than lighter songs do. I found out I'd be working with Andrew Maury at the same time that I found out he'd picked one of my darkest songs for a dance remix. I was pleased to discover that the remix presented the song to me in a new and true light. I suddenly sounded genuinely curious to understand a deeply disturbing moment in history from another point of view, which was what I really tried to explore when writing this song." - Caitlin Pasko (Lacrymosa)

One Track Mind Series Vol. 1