"Lost Communication", by Anothers Blood

FR-062 / One Track Mind Series - Vol. 2

The second release in the One Track Mind Series came straight from the UK!


Produced by Richard Frenneaux
Written by Richard Frenneaux, Courtenay Purcell
Artwork by Claudeland Louis and Kristine Thune.

Artist Statement: "Lost Communication was Anothers Blood's turning point, we instantly knew this was the direction we were scratching around to find - a sound we searched for in the rehearsal space over the course of many months, something that conveyed real emotion. The song came after of a solid year of writing; I felt a real disconnect with everything, a lack of life direction "lost in the wilderness". A rock-bottom moment you could say. I guess there was an element of denial about my situation. I see that in the lyrics - there is almost an argument with myself going on "No way at all, I'm that boy".  I didn't really see it at the time but it's been a song that's revealed itself to me. I have always been an optimist and I feel like there is a silver lining in the lyrics (at least to me there is) and i hope to anyone else who has been lost." - Richard Frenneaux

One Track Mind Series Vol. 2