"The Answer", by Emmecosta

FR-064 / One Track Mind Series - Vol. 3 / Emmecosta - The Answer

The third release in the One Track Mind Series arrived straight from Sweden!


Produced and Mixed by Anders Lagerfors & Emmecosta at Nacksving Studios, Göteborg (Sweden)
Lyrics by Claude Pallone
Music by Claude Pallone, Alfonso Fusco, Carlo Prisco, Stefan Olsson
Vocals & Guitar by Claude Pallone
Lead Guitar by Alfonso Fusco
Drums by Carlo Prisco
Bass by Stefan Olsson
Artwork by Claudeland Louis and Kristine Thune.

Artist Statement: "The Answer is about those moments in life when you just feel like crying...beyond all our thoughts, no matter how strong we are, the instinct of a tear will always take over."

One Track Mind Series Vol. 3