"So Low, So High" by Shenandoah and the Night

FR-072 / One Track Mind Series - Vol. 4 / Shenandoah and the Night - So Low, So High

The fourth release in the One Track Mind Series came straight from Brooklyn!


Produced by Sean Hutchinson
Written by Shenandoah Ableman, Sean Hutchinson, Seth Johnson
Vocals by Shenandoah Ableman
Guitar by Seth Johnson
Farfisa Organ by Mitchell Yoshida
Piano by Kwame Brandt-Pierce
Bass by Chris Morrissey
Drums by Sean Hutchinson
Violin by Christina Courtin
Cello by Christopher Hoffman
Violin by Guillaume Pirard
String Arrangement by Seth Johnson
Artwork by Claudeland Louis and Kristine Thune

Artist Statement: "So Low So High" is about the up's and downs we all encounter and a reminder to keep working though seemingly fruitless and painful times. This is how we get to the moon; also, an homage to the late Arthur Russell. We recorded the string arrangement in a bank vault on Wall street, the guitar parts while on our tour in Portugal, drums at the Bunker studio and the rest in Sean's basement.

One Track Mind Series Vol. 4