At Home With Pearl and the Beard

FR-014 (11/13/08) /  Limited Edition Physical EP (Out-Of-Print) 

Liner Notes: The Family Records re-release of Pearl and the Beard's wonderful first EP, featuring 4 home-recorded tracks.  These songs caught the attention of one Mike Grubbs (Wakey!Wakey!), who then introduced Pearl and the Beard to the Family.  This is where it all began!

At Home With Pearl and the Beard is Pearl and the Beard's first EP. Locked in the tower of Rainbow Horse Studios in the faraway reaches of New Jersey, the group used naught but the internal mic on their collective laptop to record their debut release. Each original copy was hand printed, hand pressed, and hand distributed for your enjoyment.

Produced by Jocelyn M. Arlington and Jeremy J. Styles
All songs written by Pearl and the Beard
Vocals, jingle machine, and percussion by Jocelyn Mackenzie
Vocals, guitar, and percussion by Jeremy Styles

"Pearl and the Beard's gentle folk melodies and graceful, cohesive harmonies beg to be listened to in a homey log cabin somewhere. Using household items like benches, keys, and a washing machine to create unique organic sounds, the pair - Jocelyn Mackenzie and Jeremy Styles - created a four-song set of gorgeous gentle folk melodies, traced by soft entangled vocals. All four tracks are stunning..." - Alyssa Rashbaum (RSM)