"Daily Affirmation", by John Brodeur

FR-086 / The Family Records Singles Club - Vol. 14 / John Brodeur - Daily Affirmation

Produced, Engineered, Performed and Mixed by John Brodeur
Words and Music by John Brodeur
Recorded at North Sea Studios, Albany, NY; The Homestead, Ballston Lake, NY; and at home in New York City
Mastering and Additional Mixing by Michael Tudor at Mama's Place, Woodstock, NY
Artwork by Jose and Edwin of ILoveMisery
Photo by Ana Cabaleiro

Artist Statement: “Daily Affirmation” was written on an old Wurlitzer spinet piano, during a particularly self-destructive period. I try my best to be an optimist, so I think of this as a darkest-before-the-dawn song. It's about finding the courage to ask for guidance in the face of fear and doubt and depression. The recording was started several years ago, but only the original acoustic guitar tracks made it to the finished version. Mike Tudor added some cool atmospheric elements to the final mix. This was intended to be part of my forthcoming LP (“Little Hopes”) but I've decided to let it stand on its own as a single. I don't know if it's gauche to say so, but I really like this song. I hope you do, too.