"Falls", by Great Elk

FR-046 / The Family Records Singles Club - Vol. 2 / Great Elk - Falls

"Falls" has been around the block a few times. Written by Paul in 2005 and performed hundreds of times with dozens of different players it has seen numerous permutations - from a tender, solo ballad to a raucous, rollicking rock song. It's been retired and then pulled out of retirement at least twice. It's the song that keeps coming back, and for good reason... audiences keep loving it. In the past it's been a challenge to record because so much of the song's strength comes from the energy of the band's live performance, but there's no question, this recording captures "Falls" at its best.

"Falls" was also made available in late May as part of Great Elk's second self-released EP, February. For more on Great Elk and to download their debut EP (Great Elk, June 2010) visit www.greatelkmusic.com.


Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Great Elk
Mastered by Tommy Harron
Written by Paul Basile
Great Elk is Patrick Hay, Bryan Trenis, Adam Christgau, Paul Basile and Tommy Harron
Artwork by Jose and Edwin of ILoveMisery
Photography by Ana Cabaleiro