"Love Is A Long Black River", by Matt Dorrien

FR-047 / The Family Records Singles Club - Vol. 3 / Matt Dorrien - Love Is A Long Black River

"Love Is A Long Black River" is written from the perspective of someone who has become disillusioned with love. What they once felt to be real and true was in reality nothing more than lies and confusion that ended in heartbreak. The imagery I used was inspired by the place I was living on long island: Meadows and inlets that wind like long black rivers through reeds and cattails on the edge of forests.  At the time I was also listening heavily to bluegrass and old-time country, and had "Jacksonville City Nights" and "Sweetheart Of The Rodeo" on repeat.  Though time often seems meaningless like a dream we cannot wake from, and love a lofty ideal that in actuality is bleak and hopeless and always ends in heartache, my sincere hope is that we find meaning in someone, and they rescue us from our disillusionment. 

This song is a single off of Matt Dorrien's latest album "Always Winter", that he worked on with his cousin Chris Keyes. It is yet to be released but will be sometime this year.


Produced by Chris Keyes and Matt Dorrien
Written by Matt Dorrien
Recorded and Mastered by Chris Keyes in Brooklyn, NY
Mixed at Sear Sound by Chris Keyes and Chris Allen
Vocals and Acoustic by Matt Dorrien
Dobro and Pedal Steel by Phil Sterk
Drums by Stephen Roessner - drums
Upright Bass by Chris Czerw - upright bass
Fiddle by Carolin Pook - fiddle
Artwork by Jose and Edwin of ILoveMisery
Photo by Ana Cabaleiro.