"I Hate Feeling Like This", by I Low

FR-050 / The Family Records Singles Club - Vol. 5 / I Low - I Hate Feeling Like This

"I Hate Feeling Like This" is a statement and emotion that anyone in the world can relate to. It's an anthem for every moment in life that suffers from fatigue, heartache, hopelessness, tedium, frustration, or loneliness. It describes the plight of feeling alien to yourself, and thus to the world. It was produced and recorded half in seclusion in an apartment hanging above the streets of Gramercy, Manhattan and half in seclusion in a studio built into an old church in Tacoma, Washington. Its composition, arrangement, production, and recording have been a labor of love that has spanned nearly two years of travail whose every moment could have been aptly scored by this song. Until now.


Produced by I Low
Written and Arranged by I Low
Recorded and Engineered by Colin Reynolds and Zach Varnel respectively 
Mixed by Richard "Good Goose" Rusincovitch
Colin Reynolds - Vocals, Synths, Drums, Percussion
Artwork by Jose and Edwin of ILoveMisery
Photography by Ana Cabaleiro.