"Copenhagen Heart", by Annie Crane

FR-052 / The Family Records Singles Club - Vol. 6 / Annie Crane - Copenhagen Heart

“Copenhagen Heart” is a true story of Crane’s first European tour - a trip unexpectedly extended due to the volcanic ash from Iceland which closed down all air travel in Europe for nearly a week. Stuck in Paris with time to kill (which would usually have been a dream) Crane longed to return to the US where a month or so later she was due to be married. "Copenhagen Heart" is a beautiful song that captures the unique longing for home.


Produced by Annie Crane & Andy Baldwin
Song & Lyrics by Annie Crane
Vocals and guitar by Annie Crane
Cello by Emily Hope Price
Pedal Steel Guitar by Ross Clark
Violins by Andy Baldwin
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Andy Baldwin at Rola Pola Studios, www.rolapola.com
Artwork by Jose and Edwin of ILoveMisery
Photo by Ana Cabaleiro.